Starting her career in Lillehammer as a hairstylist, she moved to Oslo to pursuit her dream studying makeup artistry. She quickly began working with some of Norways most influential artists, politicians and actors, as well as being directly contacted and booked by famous artists abroad, along wtíth them Solange Knowles.

To pursuit her creativity even further, she started working with makeup and wigs for theatre and operas, as well as moving closer towards the film industry and live television. This all gave her the skills of working precise and calm under unique pressure.


Between all this, she also discovered a great passion for a growing circle of private clients. She is also known for doing a lot of house calls, both with makeup, hair cuts and -styling. They will book her in to get a styling in a more relaxing and private environment. Her spring, summer and fall are usually filled up with bridal clients which has now grown to be one of her specialities, and has a line of over 80 unique bridal stylings behind her.